Animoto’d Hulu Commercial


The commercial I chose to work with is a Hulu commercial, located here:

Watching some hulu commercials, I came to the conclusion that the way they present themselves is through the use of pathos. Hulu is appealing to the audience in a humorous way, usually springing random jokes about aliens eating the brains of the population due to too much television. The joking aspect of the context is used in order to get viewers to watch even more episodes of various television shows through the use of hulu’s video streaming site. They are encouraging their audience to watch more and more, causing the brains of the viewers to be tastier for the aliens when they inevitably show up of course.

Since the original videos themselves were so full of such humor as brain eating, my initial idea was to present the commercial in a more serious tone. Instead of using pathos, I used logos when I went about editing the format of the commercial. Some viewers might not, from the original commercial, even understand what exactly hulu is about after having watched it. The difference is that, with the change of appeal, I think the message that hulu is trying to get across has become more clear. Do you want to watch your favorite shows and other shows you might be interested in online? Then check out hulu!