When I first looked at the hulu commercial, I saw that it was mainly a pathos styled argument. The context of the commercial was clearly based on humor more than it was on anything else. It didn’t try to strike the emotions of the audience in a heartfelt way, nor did it try to present real facts or anecdotes about what hulu is, the entire commercial is, rather, trying to appeal to the audience in a joking way. They achieved this form of attracting the audience by making references to aliens, of course without failing to acknowledge popular science fiction elements that many people know well such as the threat of brain eating.

When it came to having to recreate the original argument using a different appeal, my mind soon shot toward the idea of transforming this hulu commercial from a humorous wave of confusion into a straightforward, clear advertisement. I mean, I enjoy the alien threat of brain eating form of humor that the commercials use, but I don’t believe that the exact message of the commercial is made entirely clear to many of those who watch it without paying special attention.

The hulu commercials don’t make a very good effort to outright say what they are advertising, rather the subject ends up being danced around and joked about and the commercials merely end with the threat of the earth on the near horizon. What I’m saying is that a certain amount of effort is definitely required in order for the audience to see that what is being advertised is a website called hulu where videos can be streamed in ways that exceed youtube.

In light of the points I have made on the original commercial, I decided to recreate the commercial in a way that it could be presented in a more serious tone. The argument of the commercial thus changed from one based on humoring the audience into a different sort based on fact. While I knew that it would in no way be as entertaining as aliens walking around the earth disguised as humans and trying to destroy the human race from the inside out, I knew that my method would be more direct with getting the point across. With the change of appeal, hulu’s intended message comes across with a whole new level of clarity.

With its transformation into an entirely different style of commercial, the way that the audience is to be persuaded changes as well. After my alterations, the commercial then sought to persuade through the knowledge of a general interest in watching shows online. With the use of the internet, even if a person has missed his or her favorite show on television on a given day, there are ways online to catch up on that sort of thing. This is what hulu does for people who end up in that predicament frequently, I know I’m one who almost never sees shows right when they air.

By mentioning in my version of the commercial the potential of the site to allow viewers to use hulu for amazing video streaming, the commercial is thus persuading the audience into trying the site out in order to see if it really gives what it offers. This functions differently from the original in that, in the original, I see the audience more leaning toward searching hulu online simply because they are trying to find out what the heck the alien commercial was advertising and not because of any understanding of what the site actually happens to be.

It is my belief that the second evolution of the commercial serves as one that is more persuasive than the original commercial. I say ‘more persuasive’ if only because the point is made clear in black and white, whereas with the original commercial the point was not obvious. I think this remains true even when the original intended audience is brought into question. Sure, it isn’t as funny, but the message is the same and I believe the original intended audience would agree that the second commercial is just as convincing as the first, if not more so.

The other benefit of the straightforward version of the commercial is the potential audience that it gains by being clear and right to the point for less science fiction interested viewers and viewers who do not react to sarcastic humor. The straight to the point argument draws in audience members who prefer simplistic, obvious arguments that they don’t have to pay a whole lot of attention to in order to understand properly. The advertisement basically just goes, ‘this is what hulu is, try us out, thanks’. In turn, with the original commercial, the advertisement is a lot more as follows, ‘we are aliens, we are doing stuff on earth, this is weird but we have a site called hulu’, establishing a state of confusion within the members of the audience. As a result, I see one of the appeals of the second commercial to be drawing in a new group of audience who would otherwise have not been able to decipher the meaning of the first version.

Finally, I felt that the recreated version of the commercial would succeed in targeting an audience who is not as computer savvy as the originally intended. Hulu is such an easy to use website that merely by hearing of the site’s potential to stream episodes of various television shows, one should be able to navigate his or her way there and be able to figure out how to use it. You have only to watch the commercial, moving on from there the many features of hulu quickly become available, so simple and easy to use it’s almost a bad thing not to at least check it out.