In “The Ride Together”, the brother and sister authors of their memoirs have an interesting style that combines a written narrative with a comic-style narrative, each chapter switching between one of the other. Using narrative and comics together in order to tell a story is a method of storytelling that I found to be rather unique. I had never before witnessed a combination such as this one in a book, as most tend to go either one way or the other, not both. Their style made the story more interesting and easier to delve into, as going from chapter to chapter grants a certain new refreshing feeling throughout the book due to the way the storytelling method switches back and forth.


In Judy’s narrative chapters, her strategy is to tell the story from her point of view. She bases her chapters on her memories, they are completely anecdotal. While reflecting on the past, she also seems to incorporate some of her more present day knowledge into her writing, allowing her to make sense of certain things that she may not have understood at the time in the past when her narrative is taking place. These rhetorical strategies help her to convey her story in an interesting light that should take the reader back in time to the moment where her tale is being told. Her first-person narrative helps to make it clear that the story is from no one’s point of view but her own, and puts the reader into her shoes in an attempt to get the reader involved in her memories.