The way that Paul’s chapters are done in comic form make his chapters of the memoirs more involving than Judy’s manage to accomplish. In the comics, the icons of the story are more abstract which allows for easier involvement between the reader and the story. In Paul’s chapter where he and his friend were switching around the signs at school, for example, I found that it was extremely easy to relate to. In particular, I enjoyed the panels where it jumped from showing him and his friend as normal kids into showing the two of them wearing trench coats as if they were from a Bond film. I found that the transformation of the kids depicted their imaginations taking them into a different world and causing their acts of ‘vandalism’ to actually seem rather innocent because they were only playing a game. I was able to relate to the idea of pretending to be someone else in that way. Additionally, when they find themselves in trouble once they are caught messing with the exit sign, their trench coats vanish, indicative of the kids being broken out of their fantasy.